Grant Park and Summerhill

History, urban life and true community are what make these two neighborhoods great.
Grant Park is slowly spilling over into the Summerhill neighborhood .  Both neighborhoods are a mix of the old and new in Atlanta.
There truly is an urban vibe seeping through this quaint, bungalow filled community.

Housing prices can range from 150k to over a million.

Grant Park and Summerhill, 30315: Centered around the second biggest park in the city, the
Grant Park/Summerhill neighborhood has a Northern feel to it.  Homes have true character in this
neighborhood and the architecture is as diverse as the residents.  With a great farmers market,
wonderful events in the park and easy access to downtown and the airport, these communities are a
true delight for everyone who decides to call it home. (Kristen here at Truly Fine Homes calls it
home these days!)

Note: Not all properties found may be shown on the map.